Secret Sister

The Secret Sister program allows Delta Xi Phi alumnae the opportunity to reconnect and support other sisters through thoughtful gifts and messages throughout the year.

Members currently participating in this round of Secret Sister will send gifts from August 2015 – January 2016 (6 months total). We are changing the program to a one-time gift exchange opportunity moving forward; beginning in 2016, sisters will have the opportunity to sign-up for a one-time exchange every four months: April (DXP’s founding month), August (end of summer) and December (winter/holiday time).

Those who want to participate in the Secret Sister program are invited to fill out the secret sister form (at bottom of page) by March 10 for the April period, July 10 for the August period, and November 10 for the December period.

  • Please expect to receive a confirmation that we have received your form 48-72 hours after submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, please submit your form again.
  • We will match up secret sisters at random. Each participating member will know the name of the person she will send gifts to, but will not know the name of the person giving her gifts.
  • At the end of the period, the Secret Sister Coordinator will reveal everyone’s secret sister on the alumnae Facebook group or via email.
  • Please remember to not include your name in the return address. If you must identify yourself, please just put “DXP Secret Sister” or something to that effect, or use DXP’s PO box address.

The Secret Sister program is a voluntary program. Before joining please consider the following:

  • This program will cost in time and finances; you have to think about what to give your secret sister and then implement your decision. Gifts are typically around $10 with a $15 spending limit.
  • If you join, you are expected to participate. If you join and then quit, or you join and do not participate, it is unfair to your secret sister and you will be suspended for one round of gift exchanges and your secret sister (sending you items) may be re-routed to your match (the person you were supposed to be sending gifts to).

To join: please fill out the form below by March 10 for the April period, July 10 for the August period, and November 10 for the December period. Please contact for any questions.