Q. I have a question. Who should I contact?
A: Contact the National Board at nationals@deltaxiphi.com.

Q: Which Regional Summit should I attend? 
A: Any sister, associate member, or alumna can attend any Summit of her choosing – regardless of her location! Attend any and all of your choosing.

Q: How much will it cost to attend? 
A: There is no cost for active or associate members to register for the summit. We ask alumnae for a $15 registration fee to cover location and meals.

Q: What am I required to attend? 
A: All training will occur on Saturday. There may be some additional excursions and sisterhood activities planned for Friday evening or Sunday morning/afternoon.

Q: I am an alumna who is confused by Regional Summits… what happened to National Convention?
A: At the 2015 National General Assembly Meeting, sisters voted to replace a three-day summer Convention model with four regional summits throughout the year. You can refer to the National General Assembly 2015 meeting minutes for more information; we also welcome you to reach out to the Alumnae Liaisons or any member of the National Board if you have more questions.

Q: What should I bring? 
A: You should bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and a smile! Don’t forget toiletries, personal belongings (camera/phone/laptop), a pen and notebook, money (cash if you’d like to purchase gear from sisters or the Rose Shop), and perhaps a jacket or cardigan. You will want to pack any additional items needed for your stay depending on your plans.