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Posted by Aliah Taylor on September 5, 2022

Calling all sisters and chapter officers! Are you looking to refamiliarize yourself with our GreekTrack site or want to explore more features?


Sign up for officer training and attend live!: GreekTrack Officer Training webinars.


Fall 2022 Training Schedule:

*September 8, 2022 at 8pm EDT: GreekTrack 101

*September 12, 2022 at 8pm EDT: GreekTrack 101

*September 29, 2022 at 8pm EDT: Events, Records, and Leaderboards

*October 3, 2022 at 8pm EDT: Service Tracking Deep Dive

*October 27, 2022 at 8pm EDT: Finances, Budgets, and Fundraising

*November 3, 2022 at 8pm EDT: Files, Forms, Email, SMS, and Fundraising

*November 14, 2022 at 8pm EDT: Member and Officer Transitions

Announcement: Annual Awards from the 2022 National Leadership Conference
Posted by Aliah Taylor on September 1, 2022
We are delighted to announce the Annual Awards from the 2022 National Leadership Conference, "A Sisterhood through the Seasons."
At our 5th annual National Leadership Conference, we returned to Greenville, South Carolina to gather together for a few days of learning, development, national community, and a whole lot of sisterly love. Congratulations to all of our awardees and nominees! Thank you for your outstanding work at your campuses and with your communities to uphold our pillars and values in action.
Individual Pillar Awards:
Excellence in Multicultural Awareness: Navya Poothara, Delta Chapter
Chapter Pillar Awards:
Chapter Friendship Award: Rho Chapter at the University of New Hampshire
Chapter Sisterhood Award: Beta Chapter at California State University, Chico
Chapter Multicultural Awareness Award: Eta Chapter at Marquette University
Chapter Service Award: Delta Chapter at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Chapter Academic Award: Iota Chapter at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
National Board Awards:
Rising Star Award: Jamie Davenport, South Regional Director
Distinguished Service Award: Jessica Noviello, Treasurer
President's Award: Abi Magat, West Regional Director
2020-2021 Chapter of the Year:
Upsilon Chapter at Keene State College
We are excited to see how you take what you've learned and gained from NLC back to your Chapters and communities. Until next year's NLC! D-Xiii!
Announcement: Welcome our National Board of Directors for 2022-2024 & Thank You!
Posted by Aliah Taylor on September 1, 2022
As we begin a new term, we wish to express our appreciation for our national board members who have completed their 2020-2022 term.
Thank you for your time, your passions, and your insights that you have brought to our Sorority. The last two years have found us encountering the challenges brought by covid, the obstacle of fully virtual and less face-to-face interaction, and compounding stressors. At the same time, we have always found a way to persist and lean into our Sisterhood together both in our online and Chapter communities. We thank you for your time and your leadership. Although we will miss serving on the national board together with you, we are delighted that we will continue our sisterhood. Wishing you continued success in your endeavors as alum of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.
Thank you to:
Ivy Sanchez-Tinco (2020-22 Vice President of Membership, Mu)
Jessica Noviello (2020-22 Treasurer, Representative for the National Multicultural Greek Council, Lambda)
Emily Mennenga (2020-22 Chief Tribunal, Eta)
Elizabeth Harris (2020-22 Director of Chapter Development, Gamma)
Makaylah Johnson (2020-22 Director of Member Development, Rho)
Hannah Mathieu (202-22 Director of Alumnae Affairs, Rho)
Madelynn Wellons (2020-22 East Regional Director, Lambda)
Please also join us in congratulating and welcoming our incoming National Board of Directors of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. for 2022-2024.
With the election results from the 2022 National Leadership Conference, we look forward to working together:
President: Nikita DeBarros, Rho
Executive Vice President: Vacant
Vice President of Membership: Jamie Davenport, Omega
Treasurer: Vicki Nelson, Lambda
Secretary: Jill Hayes, Rho
Chief Tribunal: Jennifer Connell, Lambda
Director of Chapter Development: Jenna Morin, Delta
Director of Member Development: Vacant
Director of Public Relations: Aliah Taylor, Eta
Director of Expansion: Erien Watson, Gamma
Director of Alumnae Affairs: Marina Teruel, Delta
West Regional Director: Abigail Magat, Alpha Alpha
South Regional Director: Toni Jo Johnson, Gamma
East Regional Director: Kayara Burnett, Iota
Midwest Regional Director: Liliana Zimbron, Delta
Reintroducing... Alumni Spotlights [Winter 2020/21]
Posted by Aliah Taylor on January 14, 2021

Reintroducing... Alumni Spotlights.
Featuring Cyndi "COLIBRI" from Beta Chapter! Winter 2020/21

Written by Hannah Mathieu, Director of Alum Affairs


Cyndi “Colibri” Ting’s name and picture were up for consideration when the dictionary was trying to find examples to include under the word, “dedicated”. She juggles her professional and personal life with the skill only an experienced person would demonstrate; all while upholding Delta Xi Phi’s pillars and ideals. She also finds time to connect with sisters from around the world, whether that be through Facebook posts or scheduling meetups with the local sisters. When I first virtually was introduced to Cyndi, it was through her Facebook postings in our Delta Xi Phi group. She was a DXP icon in my eyes, so Aliah Taylor (Director of Public Relations) and I were incredibly excited to be able to sit down and have a conversation with her for this article. 


Cyndi, lovingly referred to as an “Old Head” (a self-identified term that describes sisters who have been in DXP for a very long time), has been a part of the sisterhood for 22 years. She joined the Beta chapter at California State University, Chico, and was sister #3. Incidentally, she almost didn’t join DXP. When she first came to college, she was encouraged to join a Filipina sorority since she was a Filipina herself, but ultimately didn’t see it as a sustainable organization. Thankfully, DXP drew her in, especially her DXP mother, Chela-Rene Spaargaren, with whom she still has a very close bond. 


Her involvement with DXP didn’t just stop at joining the sisterhood. Cyndi has served as a Tribunal for the National Board because she found purpose in preventing hazing and upholding the laws and legacies of the sorority. Through that position, she was able to attend conferences and travel; which enabled her to be able to meet sisters all over the country. Over the years she’s loved watching the sorority evolve. She’s fascinated by the idea that some of the younger sisters are the age of her children. Cyndi’s been able to learn a lot from the younger generations, and in turn, she hopes that she provides inspiration for them. She wants to be able to give them strength by demonstrating that she’s gone through some tough times but that they too can prevail because all of the sorority is supporting them even if it’s from afar. 


Human and social connection is actually Cyndi’s passion and specialization. She’s currently in her second year earning a Masters of Science in Special Education. Her thesis title? Sum of All Things: Effects of Mindfulness on Math Anxiety and Performance in Students with Disabilities. During the interview with Cyndi, her care and attention toward human interaction effortlessly bled into every topic we covered, and I left the conversation feeling infinitely wiser in social interaction. She explained that the deeper we look into our brains for individual characteristics, the more we realize our brains are actually wired to connect with each other through non-verbal communication. That’s why we suffer from Zoom fatigue so much; our brains aren’t able to connect the same way through a video camera. 


Speaking of Zoom, I’m sure that’s an application most of us are ready to retire and delete from our computers and phones. The pandemic has hit everybody, albeit differently. Cyndi explained now that she works from home, there’s no separation between a work-life and personal life now that both are held in the same place. Through the camera, I could see she created a little computer nook in the room, with a sheet or cloth separating the desk and computer area from the rest of the room. Even with that separation, her young kids didn’t miss the chance to pop in here and there to say hi to Aliah and I. Cyndi handled those interactions with the grace of a patient parent and went on to give advice to all of us struggling. She emphasized the importance of self-care because if you can’t self regulate yourself, you won’t be able to co-regulate others. It’s the common airplane oxygen analogy; make sure to take care of yourself before helping others. When she isn’t feeling well, she’s very open and transparent with her children about it and makes sure to communicate what she needs from them so she can help them understand. One of Aliah and I’s favorite piece of advice Cyndi gave during this topic was, “[Say to yourself] I am enough, and the fact that I’m sticking through this and doing things outside of what I do makes us pretty badass”. 


Her self-care philosophy also unlocked a myriad of great pieces of advice that could only be found through extensive self-discovery. Cyndi draws energy and strength from other people. She’s learned, “I am perfect in my imperfection”. In the past when she’s felt lost she’d ask herself: “Are the things I’m doing serving my purpose?” Cyndi found her purpose in serving families and children; she enjoys helping everyone but is particularly passionate about helping her Filipino community. Her authenticity to herself has come from connecting to her past and has helped her move forward, and through it all, her family has been her rock. 


Cyndi’s conversation is one that will echo in my head for quite some time. Her wisdom, her strength, her advice, and her experience are topics that I will try to draw upon as I continue to grow. Cyndi left the conversation with a couple more pieces of wisdom: trust the process, everything in our life happens for a reason, whether it was for our own experience or to support other people through their process, and also, we continue to survive and thrive. DXP’s pillars and commitment to servant leadership is one that is easily demonstrated by Cyndi’s work and how she navigates through life. If any of you have the opportunity to have a conversation with Cyndi firstly, consider yourself lucky as she’s incredibly busy, and second, be sure to walk into the conversation as a sponge, ready to soak in the wealth of all her knowledge.


Read the Winter 2020/21 Alum Newsletter here

See the Instagram post

Know an alum doing amazing things in their personal life, community, work, for DXP, or anything else? We'd love to highlight them! Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Share with us on GreekTrack forms.

New! Apparel with Blue Dolphin Shop
Posted by Aliah Taylor on August 28, 2020

We are happy to announce our new apparel shop with Blue Dolphin!

Since NLC 2020 was virtual this year, we adjusted the conference's t-shirt. "Built to Bloom" tees are available for the rest of 2020.

Check out the shop and all current apparel options here


Recap of National Leadership Conference 2020
Posted by Aliah Taylor on August 19, 2020

Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. presents the 3rd Annual National Leadership Conference, a celebration of our 26th Anniversary, to be held from Friday, July 24 until Saturday, July 25th, 2020 via virtual web conference platforms as a result of the current national pandemic.

Day 1 Recap

  • Welcome and introduction with Nikita "Adanna" DeBarros, National President.
  • A message from Elia “La Rebelde” Morales, a Founding Mother. She shared her journey as part of founding our Sorority: "We wanted to make a difference in the world. To have a space for women of all cultures, ethnicities, and...identities of inclusion. And continuing that work, you can go out into the world and continue to represent the pillars and your personal, unique contributions.”
  • Active sisters took part in GreekTrack training and viewing new features with Tony Schmidt, Founder & CEO.  Alumnae met in a forum to converse on ways to increase engagement and involvement.
  • Workshop Bloc I with a range of six speakers.
  • Workshop Bloc II with two selections of speakers.


During Workshop Bloc I, members had six wonderful speakers to select from:  

(i) “Planning your Finances from Foundations to Freedom” with Adam Tolliver (He/Him/His).  Adam is a Financial Advisor and Partner with Artisan Financial Strategies.  Adam prioritizes transparent, clear communication to build enduring and meaningful relationships with clients;


(ii) “Navigating Biases as a Female Professional” with Sheffie Robinson (She/Her).  Sheffie is a serial entrepreneur and a software engineer with a speciality in open source products like WordPress and Drupal.  She is currently the CEO of Touco Direct and produces software products like WPClover and Klimact to automate processes for her clients;

(iii) “The Business of You: A Tactical Process for Owning your Career Journey” with Monica “Aydan” Longoria (She/Her), Founding Sister of the Omega Associate Chapter.  Monica has spent her career supporting sales account executives with data, best practices, and training.  As a Career Coach, she teachers others how to use those same sales tactics to further their own careers;


(iv) “Women and Finance: Beyond the Budget” with Azure Keyatta Celestine (She/Her).  Azure started in the industry as a financial advisor and expanded.  She worked with a number of organizations before opening up her own full-service agency which offers personal and commercial insurance policies as well as final expense, health, life, property, auto, flood, investments and retirement.  Azure is also a member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority;


(v) “Accountability Starts with me” with Ambrosia Daphne “Viscida” Solis (She/Her/Hers).  Ambrosia is currently a middle school math and science teacher, communications director, and Vice President of the National Multicultural Greek Council; and,


(vi) “Woman Centered Self-Care” with Nicosia J. Davis LMSW, CCTP, MS (She/Her).  Nicosia’s career took her from the school system to the correctional environment.  She has participated as a research assistant on the University of Virginia Neuropsychological study on the effectiveness on the MACE in combat and has participated in the development of the Father Daughter dance held annually at the Richmond City Jail.  She manages the Homicide Survivors Program and sat on the North Alabama Taskforce for Human Trafficking and the Blue Light Campaign. Nicosia recently relocated and started on launching her nonprofit to address mental health in rural Eastern North Carolina.


For Workshop Block II, attendees had two engaging sessions to attend:

(i) “Microagressions: Recognize, Respond, and Create a Welcoming Sisterhood” with Ellen Semran (They/Their/Them) and Xiomara Albán DeLobato (She/Her).  Ellen has been an educator activist supporting students for over 15 years.  Ellen served as a Chapter Advisor for Rho Chapter at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) for 8 years from their founding.  Ellen also served as the Associate Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and LGBTQA+ Initiatives at UNH. Ellen is currently an Academic Advisor for students within the online Global Campus of Southern New Hampshire University.  Xiomara is a founding sister of the Rho Chapter and continues to work towards academic equity, equality, and accessibility for underrepresented and historically marginalized populations.  Currently, Xiomara serves as the Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment and Enrollment with the Office of Admissions at UMass Amherst and an executive board member for the Springfield Public Forum, Vertias Prep Charter School, and Girl's Inc. of the Valley; and,


(ii) “Pro-Social Behaviors are Contagious: Creating Brave Spaces for Bystander Intervention of Bullying and Harassment” with Dr. Moses Milazzo (He, Him, His).  Moses studies remote sensing science, instrument calibration, and planetary volcanology with participation in nearly a dozen of NASA's spacecraft missions to the Solar System. While continuing his scientific endeavours, he also now develops pro-social programs, including: anti-harassment (Bystander Intervention), Brave Spaces, Inclusive Mentoring, and other workshops and programs aimed at having conversations with the privileged about privilege and how to use it for the improvement of our communities.


Thank you to our phenomenal speakers. We appreciate your time, passion, and expertise at this year's National Leadership Conference, "Built to Bloom."



Day 2 Recap
• Yoga Class instructed by Christine M. "B" López, a Founding Mother
• General Assembly Meeting
• "Multiculturalism in Action" with Keosha A. Griffiths and Christine M. López
• Awards Ceremony
• DXP Trivia Night
Thank you to all our attendees for joining us at NLC 2020, "Built to Bloom." We know this year's conference was different than year's prior but we were overjoyed to see and hear from everyone this weekend. We may be physically distanced but we are socially connected. A continued thank you to our speakers for hosting workshop blocs for our members as well as to our national officers for their efforts in planning and running our virtual conference.
"What's possible has been done. What's impossible must be done."
Photos by Albán DeLobato, X; Mennenga, E; Noviello, J.; and, Abundabar Ting, C.
Expanding "Connections" 2020 - Open for Submissions
Posted by Aliah Taylor on July 23, 2020

We are seeking to expand our "Connections" 2020 issue with your submissions!
Our "Connections" magazine highlights the amazing accomplishments of sisters and chapters over the past year. As chapter achievements are automatically included as part of the general body report, we aim to grow our sister recognition. 

     So! Over the last year, did you partake in an internship or practicum? Start and/or complete a research study? Graduate? Did you relocate? Career transition or promotion? Celebrate an engagement or wedding? Welcome a baby? Travel (*prior to COVID) with a throw what you know or representing with DXP merch? We'd love to include your milestone(s) and celebrate you!

The "Connections" Fall 2020 Form can be found here

Submissions for the "Connections" 2020 issue are DUE BY Friday, August 14th, 11:59pm CT

     While, "Connections," is published once a year (typically by mid-September), we also intend to revitalize our blog to post thoughtful submissions from sisters, pillar-related posts, National Board Spotlight articles, and regional features. We continue to welcome submissions and collaborations of both written and media works on commemorative observances, holidays, celebrations, and events via e-mail. Please contact us to review the parameters of your intended topic.

Reach us at: |
Cheers! Aliah, Director of Public Relations

Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month [Feature]
Posted by Aliah Taylor on May 21, 2020

Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month [Feature]

Highlighting AAPI literature, podcasts, and organizations.



     Hi!  This is Aliah, your Director of Public Relations.  Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!


     In celebrating this month dedicated to the experiences and achievements of AAPIs (and every day year-round), I’m sharing some of my favorites books, podcasts, and organizations!  Much of what is listed does center on aspects of Filipino identity and Philippine history and culture because I'm Filipinx American.  It’s lovely to convey what is dear to one’s sense of self; I find this helps cultivate an increased sense of community and nurture reciprocal learning.  This was one of the reasons I joined Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.  To share of myself and learn of my peers.  I hope you’ll consider checking out these written works and their authors, episodic works, and groups.



Have AAPI favorites of your own to share?  Written works, shows, memories, etc.?  I’d love to hear from you and learn about them in the comments across our platforms. 


Cheers!  Aliah, Director of PR

We continue to welcome submissions and collaborations of both written and media works on commemorative observances, holidays, celebrations, and events via e-mail.



Currently reading:

The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race,” by Anthony Christian Ocampo



*“Asian American Dreams:  The Emergence of an American People,” by Helen Zia

*“Leaving Deep Water: The Lives of Asian American Women at the Crossroads of Two Cultures,” by Claire S. Chow

Patron Saints of Nothing,” by Randy Ribay

In the Country,” by Mia Alvar

A Tale for the Time Being,” by Ruth Ozeki


On the List:

 “Waves of Knowing: A Seascape Epistemology,” by Karin Amimoto Ingersoll

Hawai’i’s Story by Hawai’i’s Queen,” by Lili’uokalani

 “Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern,” by Lane Wilcken


Podcasts (All on Spotify)

Asian Enough

The Banh Mi Chronicles

Microagressions for Mental Health Awareness Month” from Bruha Baddies

Kopitiam and Malaysian Breakfast,” from Feast Meets West

The Filipino American Women Project

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Little Manila (Part One)” and “Hella Filipino” from Long Distance

Interview: Food is a Universal Language” from Savor



APAICS @/apaics_org | APAICS is a national organization dedicated to promoting AAPI participation/representation at all levels of the political process.

AAPI Women Lead @/aapiwomenlead | Nonprofit Organization. Asian American + Pacific Islander Women Lead.

18 Million Rising @/18millionrising | Activating Asian America

South Asians for Black Lives @/southasians4blacklives | Educating South Asians (SA) on dismantling anti-Blackness and exploring SA identity.

Queer Asian Social Club @/queerasiansocialclub | A collective empowering community through Queer APIMED (Asian/Pacific Islander/Middle Eastern/Desi) visibility.

Asian American Girl Club @/asianamericangirlclub | Created by us.  Made for all.

Young Asian Professionals of Milwaukee @yappiemke | Young Asian professionals who are interested in connecting the Asian Pacific American (APA) community and promoting social and cultural events in the Milwaukee area. (I serve as a co-event coordinator and event historian.  Well, before “safer at home” orders were implemented in March.)


RibayR AAPI books TaylorA2018

TaylorA2015 TownHall2020 TaylorA2016

National Leadership Conference 2019 – Registration is LIVE
Posted by Tony Schmidt on August 20, 2019

Throughout the year, the National Board has been engaged in preparations for this summer’s National Leadership Conference 2019.  We are excited to return to Greenville, South Carolina on July 26th and 27th for leadership building and networking. (Thursday is dedicated to arrival and optional social gatherings, and Sunday for departure and open sightseeing.)

Over the last several months, we’ve been in contact with many active sisters as well as alumnae interested in attending. Here, we are now happy to announce…REGISTRATION IS LIVE!

As we celebrated our 25th Anniversary earlier in April (our Silver Jubilee!), we reflect on continuing on the path of those that came before us as well as looking forward to pave new avenues on the, “Roadmap to Success.” This Conference is an opportunity for our sisters across the country to come together for leadership training, personal development, and sisterhood. As active sisters, attending the conference presents a special opportunity to develop or enhance your leadership skills, build new relationships with sisters across the country, and meet members of the National Board. As alumnae, the National Leaderhsip Conference is the perfect time to reconnect with other alumnae, meet new sisters, and celebrate your first or fifteenth year (or any year in between!) of living the Delta Xi Phi pillars as an alumna.

For more information and the Registration Page, click HERE.

Additional outreach can be directed to the Delta Xi Phi National Board (

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