Our Pillars

Delta Xi Phi sisters direct their energies to supporting the following Five Pillars:

1. Advancement of Women Through Higher Education

All active sisters attend weekly study hours to concentrate on why they are at college – to earn a degree! We award sisters for academic success at our annual National Convention awards banquet. We also award the Brandy Nicole “Nikki” Murphy Memorial Scholarship in memory of our beloved sister that assists one Delta Xi Phi sister with financing her education.

2. Increasing Multicultural Awareness

We celebrate the diverse cultures that surround us by hosting cultural programs such as workshops, dinners, international films, talent shows, and other events. We also attend as many other cultural events as possible on campus & in our communities to increase our knowledge and appreciation for diversity.

3. Community Service

All active and associate members participate in individual and group community service. It is through service that we strengthen our bonds with each other, help improve the areas that we live in, and support special causes.

4. Sisterhood

Our unique bond of sisterhood starts in the associate member period and continues for life. Sisters at our chapters grow closer through celebrations, attending events, and just plain hanging out together.

5. Friendship

Just as we extend friendship to each other, we extend it to our campus & communities. We show support by co-hosting and participating in events with greek-lettered organizations and other student & community groups.