National Leadership Conference

NLC 101

The National Leadership Conference is an opportunity for sisters from across the country to come together for leadership training, personal development, and sisterhood.

As active sisters, attending the conference presents a special opportunity to develop or enhance your leadership skills, build new relationships with sisters across the country, and meet members of the National Board.

As alumnae, the National Leadership Conference is the perfect time to reconnect with other alumnae, meet new sisters, and celebrate your first or fifteenth year (or any year in between!) of living the Delta Xi Phi pillars as an alumna.

Join us for a weekend of reflection on where our road has led us over the last 25 years and how we continue to move forward on this PHInomenal journey through leadership, sisterhood, and commitment to our pillars! D-Xi!

Attendance & Cost

Each Delta Xi Phi sister, including all actives and alumnae, are welcome and encouraged to attend the National Leadership Conference. While the conference is open to all sisters, it is important to note that all associate/chapters are required to send their delegate(s).